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Real Digital Marketing, a 360 Degree Digital Marketing Agency


Real Digital Marketing provides you the best Internet Marketing Services. The Digital Marketing Agency
is now up with an online marketing consultant to fulfill your needs.


Real Digital Marketing, a full service Digital Marketing Agency, delivers you captivating result-oriented Internet Marketing Services. As a leading Digital Marketing Agency, we develop innovative ideas with vast experience in order to give our clients appropriate results.
As experts, we make sure to build a good and meaningful relationship with clients with different social media channels. Our advertising experience of decades helps to deliver you excellent and measurable results to make your business more attractive, increase site traffic, enhances sales, and boost conversions. Because:                                                                                     

We know how to save your time and money!
We know how to bring new qualified leads and sales!
We, as digital marketing experts, understand your needs!

What Do We Offer As
A Digital Marketing Agency?

Are you ready to grow your business and take it to new heights? Well, GEAR UP because we have the top-notch Digital Marketing services for you…

What Do We Offer As A Digital Marketing Agency?

SEO Service

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Google Ads

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Adverising


Online Reputation Management


Google Ads

Digital marketing can help to boost your business

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What Makes Us Different?

Our process and approach to digital marketing is what makes us different. We follow the ADDI method which stands for

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation

For creating a digital marketing plan well suited for your company, we first analyze the companies’ stated goals, targets, aims, and needs as well as the current competition and market needs. After a thorough analysis, we use the acquired information for developing unique and out of the box digital marketing strategies. We make sure our digital strategies are cutting edge, diverse, and never seen before. Our strategies have a good mix up of Organic as well as paid digital tools that ensure long term as well as quick short term results

What Are The Elements Of A Good Digital Marketing Campaign?

A good campaign must align with the goals, wants, and needs of the company. A company can have more than one digital strategy depending upon the type of audience and goals. The basic elements of a good digital marketing campaign include: A good mix of digital marketing channels and tools, engaging content, measuring the success of the campaign and improving it to cater to the ever-changing audience..


What to expect from a Digital Marketing Agency

Your digital marketing problems getting solved! The main aim of a digital marketing agency is to curate digital strategies as per the company’s aims and goals. The right digital marketing agency will want to know your company’s history, achievements, and sales, basically the current stand of your company before creating a marketing strategy for your company. The hired agency will also want to know your expectations from them and your target achievements from the digital strategy.

Every digital marketing agency has the following departments:

The Creative Department
Content/Copywriting Department.
Digital Marketing Team
Client Servicing team
HR Team
Accounts Team
Technical Team
Video Production Team
Business Development Team

All the above-mentioned teams work together for creating digital strategies for companies. The business development team is responsible for acquiring new clients. After acquiring a client, meetings are held with the client with the marketing heads and decision heads being present as well as the client servicing team. The creative team and the media team then create strategies matching the client’s objectives and goals. A meeting is then set with the clients for the agency to pitch their created strategy. If the strategy gets approved, then an MOU is signed and the Digital Marketing Agency’s contract begins.

It’s all depends on the said digital marketing agency. The costs change agency wise and depend upon the market size, business goals and competition. There is no predefined plan or price.

A company does not stick to only one digital marketing strategy. Their strategies constantly evolve and change as per the market and audience’s tastes. Having said that, “success” is the company defined and changes with time. campaigns that have been unsuccessful in the past might be successful when reintroduced. SO Success or failure is perceptive.

It completely depends on the client’s management team. Incase their CEO or person of contact is busy then it is always advisable to have another point of contact for discussion and guidance.

Digital strategies include content strategies, social media strategies, mobile strategies, influencer marketing strategies, SEO strategies. The list is endless.

Adopting a Digital Marketing Strategy can be a turning point for your company. Digital marketing helps your company to try and connect with a huge audience globally. It helps in increasing your company’s web traffic, sales, and leads. It helps you earn an impressive ROI and make your company a part of the modern world which is based entirely over the internet.

To hire or not hire a digital marketing agency completely depends on a company’s needs and wants. If a company wants to grow its online footprint and is ready to spend a certain budget for it, then such companies should hire digital marketing agencies to do the work. There are also some companies who feel no need to hire digital marketing companies and take the load of creating digital marketing strategies themselves. A Company has to be clear about their own goals and plans and see if they need a digital marketing agency for initiating the said goals and plans. In today’s competitive atmosphere, where digital marketing heads the marketing universe it is advisable for companies to hire digital marketing companies for curating well thought and structured digital strategies.

A typical digital marketing campaign should not take more than 8-12 weeks for creation. You will be able to see the said campaigns result in around 6-12 months.

Our experience and our detailed work process are what us makes us a unique Digital Marketing Agency. We believe in working in close contact with our clients. Our clients are updated on the smallest of progress made concerning their projects. Our experience of 15+ years has made us experts in digital marketing and we can recognize your concerns and needs before you do. We have a plethora of digital marketing strategies and choose the ones best suited for you. Having GBIM as your digital marketing agency will help you in achieving the results you have dreamed of!